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Many people wonder if structural engineers actually make use of concrete. In reality, concrete is not the only thing they work on, though. These engineers are often responsible for analyzing community development projects as well. Community development projects can include adding new roads, redirecting public water, or even expanding a local waterway. In either case, the engineer’s job is vital to the project’s success. 

The process of designing a structure involves applying the mathematical equations of load case analysis and design to the physical configuration of the structures’ elements. A structural engineer uses a design process to determine the ultimate configuration and the forces that will be applied to a structure. The process begins with a preliminary design, which estimates the final configuration of elements and their forces. The design process is an important step in the process of analyzing the structure for serviceability and safety.

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The load capacity of a column depends on its material, geometry, and restraint conditions above and below it. A beam is a horizontal member that carries a load in a perpendicular direction. Beams support ceilings, floors, and roofs. They are classified as line elements in structural design software. Tall buildings have particular problems in terms of horizontal loads. Wind forces can generate very high wind pressure and suction force on the windward side of a building. A gravity-resisting structure cannot adequately cope with horizontal wind loads. A structural engineer must design a structure that incorporates lateral resistance.

When designing a structure, it is important to consider its serviceability and strength requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of occupants. The structural design of such a structure also has to consider aesthetics. Structural designs must take into account the critical load that is calculated by adding all of the possible loads and combining them into one. Work with our structural engineers at Sphinx Engineers to ensure your building projects are properly completed. Book your consultation today!

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