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The role of a structural engineer is largely to design man-made structures, like bridges, buildings, and roads. They use simple structural concepts to build complex structures. Structural engineers not only make buildings safe, but they ensure that they can withstand severe weather conditions. In other words, structural engineers are problem solvers. 

Structural engineers design buildings and other structures to withstand abnormal forces and loads. They must balance theoretical analysis with practical consideration of materials’ properties and behaviour. The resulting building design must withstand a variety of forces and keep its balance. If a structure isn’t built to withstand these forces, it can fail and cause damage.

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Structural engineers study the bones and muscles of buildings and structures. They calculate the strength, rigidity, and earthquake susceptibility of a structure. These professionals also collaborate with other designers and supervise construction on site. As mentioned above, they are responsible for ensuring that the structure can withstand these forces, which can be high or low. Whether a structure is made of wood, steel, or concrete, structural engineers will design it to meet the desired design and function.

During their lifetime, structures must withstand various factors, including pressure from gravity and weather. Structural engineers help fix these problems by designing buildings higher off the ground and incorporating buffer regions in the foundations. A structural engineer is a highly skilled professional who designs and implements structures to withstand pressure and force. In a storm, the buildings they design must be stable and flexible enough to withstand high winds, yet sturdy enough to maintain their integrity under any conditions. These engineers apply scientific principles to create strong structures that are safe and stable for the public. Consult our structural engineers at Sphinx Engineers on your building projects to get started.

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