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Renovating Your Home Or Business? Get Soil Testing Done

Soil testing is an important part of any home or business renovation, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. Structural engineers use their vast knowledge of soil structure and composition to investigate the subsurface conditions of a construction site. They then determine what preventive measures can be taken to mitigate any problems. They can also offer recommendations for drainage, grading, and earth support systems. Soil tests can help determine the strength of the soil, a key factor when building or constructing a structure. Structural engineers can determine what kind of foundation is needed for the building, as well as the weight and density of the soil.

Soil testing is essential in determining the strength and type of the land. It is important to know that the soil is strong enough to support a building’s weight because a weak foundation could cause the entire structure to collapse. And if the soil is unstable, it could lead to differential settlement and structural instability. Soil testing can provide critical data that civil engineers need to make decisions about whether or not to build.

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Soil samples must be taken to a depth equal to tillage. For example, samples should be taken from the top two inches of soil in an established lawn. If a turf planting is just starting out, a sample of one to four inches of soil should be sufficient. If the soil sample is larger, ten to fifteen samples should be tested. Submitting samples is easy with the help of a soil test form.

In addition to determining the pH level of a soil sample, soil testing is an effective way to determine the availability of essential nutrients in the soil. Soil analysis helps you choose plants, soil preparation, and fertilization. Testing results also prevent overfertilization of the soil, which stimulates excessive plant growth and increases the risk of some diseases. Finally, soil testing helps reduce the pollution of water supplies. Excess nutrients in soil can leach into groundwater or surface waters during a storm. Consult our structural engineers today!

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